Effort to expand Wheatland Town Board fails

From right, Supervisor Kelly Wilson, Treasurer Deborah Vos and Clerk Sheila Siegler (behind Vos) count the ballots Wednesday.

A effort to expand the number of members of the Wheatland Town Board to five failed at the annual town electors meeting Wednesday.

The motion failed in a novel way — due to a tie.

At annual town meetings, legal residents of the town of age can vote on motions.

The motion to expand the board to five members was brought by Diane Grenus.

After debate and questions on the matter, a paper ballot was held, with people voting yes or no to the question of whether board membership should be expanded.

There were 58 people present and able to vote, with 29 voting yes and 29 voting no.

In the case of a tie, the motion fails, said Clerk Sheila Siegler.

Grenus, in supporting her motion, said the larger board could allow committees to be formed without creating a board quorum. She said that would speed some issues along. A larger board also would allow fewer issues to be tabled, she contended.

Other residents defended the current arrangement.

Supervisor Andrew Lois said he has seen the five-member Randall Town Board in action at meetings.

“I didn’t see any big advantage over our board,” Lois said.

Town Chairman Bill Glembocki defended the board’s action on tabling some issues as being thorough.

 “We table things to think about things for a couple more weeks,” Glembocki said.

There are four town governments in Western Kenosha County. Wheatland, Paris and Brighton have three member boards. Randall has a five-member board.

The meeting was held at the Town of Wheatland Fire Department fire station in New Munster.


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