Bristol School to close for 2 weeks after 3 COVID-19 positives found

Bristol School will be closing for two weeks after three COVID-19 positives were found there, the school announced Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s a news release:

Kenosha County Division of Health has a confirmed three case(s) of COVID-19 in Bristol School District. These cases had broad reach and hence the joint decision by both the School District and the Kenosha County Division of Health to close the school until September 29, 2020. This allows the school to perform a deep clean as well as quarantine the entire school for 2 weeks.

The case(s) involve 2 school employees and one student of the Bristol School District in Kenosha County. These individuals are not hospitalized.

Bristol Elementary School has 655 K4-8th grade students attending in-person school since September 1st. Everyone is required to wear masks throughout the building and has implemented social distance protocols as much as possible.

The Kenosha County Division of Health is working closely with the school administration.

“The health and well-being of our students and team members are our greatest priority,” said David Milz, district administrator. “While individuals at our facility have tested positive for COVID-19, we continue to work together to care for our students and staff, to protect the safety of our team members, and to protect the people in our community. We are also continuing to work with the Kenosha Division of Health and will follow enhanced internal protocols in order to help control the spread of COVID-19.”

Kenosha County Health Officer, Dr. Jen Freiheit stated, “In light of the potential exposure, and airing towards an abundance of caution, the joint decision was made to protect the school community. All were given close contact letters when they left school today providing further instruction.”

Parents are urged to monitor their students and other family members for any COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fatigue, headaches, etc. Those who do become symptomatic should call their health care provider and seek testing.

A frequently updated list of testing sites in and around Kenosha County is available online at More information about the virus, including local data and links to resources, is available on the Kenosha County COVID-19 Response Hub website, at

If you would like more information on COVID-19 safety in school, visit


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