Sen. Wanggaard and Rep. Kerkman call on Evers to bring in federal help

State legislators with districts that include Western Kenosha County are calling on Gov. Tony Evers to request additional help from the federal government to help control violence in Kenosha.

Their letter made public Tuesday says:

Thank you for declaring a State of Emergency for Kenosha and for the doubling of National Guard members on the ground in Kenosha this evening. We truly appreciate your efforts and keeping us informed.

Based on conversations we have had with people in Kenosha, and based on published Facebook posts, we fear that 250 National Guard members, even combined with the 100+ mutual aid respondents from surrounding communities will not be enough to overcome the hundreds of people who are claiming to come to Kenosha to riot and destroy Kenosha this evening.

In addition, Kenosha City and County need their supplies augmented to prevent and end destruction. To the extent the Office of Emergency Management and/or the National Guard can provide concrete barriers, fire-retarding and crowd-dispersing chemical agents, and incident management teams it will help keep Kenosha safe.

We also understand through our contacts in Washington that President Trump is ready, willing and able to provide additional resources upon your request. We plead with you to make that request.

Time is of the essence.

Van Wanggaard, state senator

Samantha Kerkman, state representative


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