Twin Lakes approves dredging of channel between Lakes Mary and Elizabeth

The Twin Lakes Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District commissioners approved a bid to dredge the channel between Lakes Mary and Elizabeth at a lake district meeting Monday.

Commissioners, who are the same individuals as the Village Board, approved a bid from EcoWaterway Services for $30,640 for the work.

In approving the work, commissioners were concerned with making certain that the work is performed in the most needed area. Commissioner Kevin Fitzgerald said an area of an old spillway is the crucial spot and did not seem to be included in a map of the work area submitted with the bid materials.

“To me, we have to make sure they do it in the right place,” said Commissioner Aaron Karow.

A firm date for when the work will be done was not available Monday.

As described in the bid, material will be dredged from the channel into geo textile tubes laid in an area by a village lift station. The tubes will be left to drain or “dewater” and then the remaining sediment hauled out.

The channel was last dredged 14 years ago.


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