Wilmot UHS announces reopening plans for fall

Wilmot Union High School will be opening with a four-day a week face to face/one day virtual or all virtual options for the 2020-21 school year, the district announced last week.

School is scheduled to begin Sept. 1. (Note: This date corrected from original version. — DH)

Wednesday will be a virtual learning day for the students attending the in-school 4 & 1 program.

From a news release on the plan:

To help mitigate risk, all students and staff will be asked to self-screen using a symptom checker prior to entering the school building each day. Anyone exhibiting symptoms at school will be evaluated by the nurse and sent home immediately if needed. Students and staff will also be required to wear face coverings while in the building. Face coverings will also be required outside of the building when proper social distancing is not feasible.

Maintenance staff will “significantly increase” disinfecting of public an high-touch surfaces.

Bus transportation will be available. Students are expected to wear masks on buses. Buses will load to the back first and then toward the front and unload in the opposite order.

Self transportation is encouraged.

Regarding virtual learning the news release says “all virtual learning will be required and offer rigor and opportunities equal to what students experience on campus.” Parents/guardians will need to contact their student’s counselor to begin virtual learning.

More information on the plan and some results of a families and staff survey is available here.


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