Central HS 2020 literary journal “Due by Monday” published

From Central High School:

The students of Central High School are proud to announce this year’s edition of the CHS Literary Journal, Due by Monday. The journal, published “at cost” via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, is the result of the diligence and creativity of writers enrolled in Brian Monday’s creative writing class, and a few who were not, as well as the art students of Tedd Grube and Vincent Kuepper. The journal is organized by theme (nature, relationships, death, and the mind) and features poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Both a black-and-white and a color edition are available on Amazon. 

The following students have work in the journal: Morgan Williams, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Mattie Cox, Madeline Slutsky, Madoc Braaksma, Sydney Nys, Sarah Pohjola, Nicholas Dawley, Aydan Kovachik, Aaron Pecore, Brian Deisher, Polina Vyucheiskaia, Vivian Dufek, Noah Dufek, Sean Fookes, Sydney Crowe, Savannah Mullen, Chelsea Gatti, Jaden Sommerfield, Brian Deisher, Hannah Zimmermann, Arianna Wilburn, Mackenzie Cain, Samantha Wilcox, Liam Sheen, Danielle Esposito, Polina Vyucheiskaia, Hannah Nelson, Benjamin A. Woods, Janell Gillmore, Holley Welch, Makayla Millhouse, Emma Klinesmith, Trinity Alexander, Evelyn Buono, Ilsa Lofty, Shyann Dumelle, John Crome, Jon Steinbach, Matthew Grenyo, Brynn Weirzbicki, Willard Metcalf, Bryce Michels, Jake Gonzales, Trinity Alexander, Julia Krekling, Blake DeLong, John William Waterhouse, Carson Richter, Laura Winkler, Andrew Bailey, Aydan Kovachik, Joshua Lawlor, Leah Binzel, Delaney Koltanowski, Seliz Arizmendi, Ashlee Calkins, Ella Birkholz, Laiza Otero, Brynn Weirzbicki.


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