Paddock Lake to require masks in village owned buildings

The Paddock Lake Village Board has enacted a policy addressing reduction of spread of COVID-19 within village buildings that includes face coverings among its provisions.

The policy passed unanimously at the regular board meeting Wednesday, with all board members present.

The policy calls for the maintenance of social distancing in all village buildings, including during public meetings.

The policy also calls for all “persons, visitors, residents, village officials, and staff members over the age of 2 years old” to wear a face covering inside village buildings. Exceptions for medical or disability conditions are allowed.

What would be required at Village Board meetings received extensive discussion last week at the committee of the whole meeting, with Trustee Kathy Christenson saying she might need to resign if masks were not required and she could not attend remotely since she did not want to risk the health of family and others she might come into contact with and Trustee Scott Garland saying he might resign if masks were required. (Note: This paragraph has been edited from its original version — DH)

On Wednesday, village President Terry Burns said he wanted to see if those two — both in attendance via phone — had any further comment.

“I am most interested in hearing from the two who aren’t here,” Burns said.

Christenson said she had no comment. Garland appeared to change his stance.

“I’ll be back in house next month,” Garland said. “I’ll have my mask on.”

UPDATE Friday — Garland issued the following statement Friday about his position:

To be clear, my anti-mask stance has not changed with the exception of doctor/hospital visits, airplanes and other public transportation. I made the decision to take the high road and be a team player at this time. I have nothing against those who wear a mask. That’s their choice and I completely respect that. It’s just my choice not to wear one.


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