Randall considering booting illegal golf carts

The Randall town government is exploring the idea of attaching an immobilizing wheel clamp to golf carts that park illegally in town parks.

The Town Board discussed the issue at Thursday’s regular board meeting.

Tom Huffine, enforcement officer, started the discussion with raising the possibility of licensing or registering the carts for individuals who really need them, such as people with mobility disabilities.

 “I know some of them really need it because they can hardly walk,” Huffine.

Further discussion revealed that people without mobility issues driving golf carts on town streets and parking them at Lakeside and Bayview parks is a nuisance. Driving any golf cart on town streets is prohibited.

Without any license or registration, figuring out who a cart belongs to is difficult, Huffine said.

As a possible solution to that issue, Huffine suggested looking into wheel clamps — also known as a Denver boot — which can be purchased for about $60 to $80, he estimated. They can be placed on a vehicle to prevent it from being driven.

A clamp could be placed on a vehicle in the parks with a note about how the owner can get the clamp removed.

Chairman Bob Stoll said he would check into the legal implications of that action and report back to the board.


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