Catching a cow

Before 8 am Saturday morning, Kenosha Sheriff deputies were called about one of the missing cows. Three cows broke a fence and escaped Windborne Farm in Brighton Wednesday around 6 pm. One was captured last night. This morning, Tulip, gave everyone a run for their money. From the time the call came in, the cow traveled at least another 2.5 miles before being cornered.

It caused even more concern for deputies, when it moved west down Highway C, or when it kept crossing the railroad tracks. The train was not going to stop for it.

The owners, Jack and Marta called some professional wranglers. They brought dogs and horses.

After flushing it out of the trees by Trevor Feed, across the tracks, and into Trevor itself. They were able to rope it in a yard at 11220 260th Avenue.

From there, they eventually convinced her to get in the trailer, to take her back to the farm.

Petunia was caught last night. Marigold is still on the loose in the county. They had just acquired the cows. They are Aberdeen/Low Line Angus.


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