Schoors Lane chain coming down

A chain that blocks the entrance to Schoors Lane at Matthew Avenue in Twin Lakes for about eight months a year will be coming down permanently, after action by the Twin Lakes Village Board Monday.

The placing of the chain dates back to a resolution passed by the Village Board in 2007. That resolution calls for the passage between Schoors Lane and Matthew Avenue to be closed except for emergency vehicles. In recent years, the passage has been left unchained during snow plowing season to facilitate snow removal.

Periodically the matter of leaving the passage unchained year round has been discussed by the board, with no change in the status.

But Monday was different.

The board voted 5-1 at Monday’s regular board meeting to leave the chain down permanently. The only no vote was from Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald, who lives on Schoors Lane. Trustee Bill Kaskin was absent.

Fitzgerald argued he didn’t see a need to change the chain status until the reasoning behind the original action — that Schoors Lane and the passage between Matthew and Schoors were substandard roads not up to full-time traffic — changed. Schoors is used as a short cut when the chain is down, he argued.

If a change was going to be made, Fitzgerald argued, it should be to leave the passage chained all year round.

But others present disagreed, mostly forwarding the argument that the roads involved were public and ought to be fully accessible.

Stan Clause Jr., who is the village’s public works foreman and Twin Lakes Fire Department chief, said he see advantages to having the road fully open for both of his roles.

“To me there are so many negatives to closing that road up,” Clause said.

Currently, the village ends up replacing the chain two to three times a year, Clause said.


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