Brighton School Facilities Advisory Committee continues long-range facility planning process

Here is an update from Brighton School about the ongoing long-range facility planning process:

The District hosted the second Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting on May 6, 2020 to continue discussions surrounding long-range facility planning. The FAC meeting was made available virtually to allow for social distancing. After a review of the District’s current and forecasted financial strength by Melissa Grohs, the District’s construction and architectural consultants presented a final report on the current condition of the District’s school building and long-range maintenance needs. The report categorized needs by urgency, ranging from “immediate need” to “10+ years.” The 12-member FAC has been working with CG Schmidt Construction and FGM Architects since January to
develop the facility report, with the mission of maximizing the District’s investment into the 1962 school building and ensuring that it continues to be a safe space that provides its students with access to a modern, quality education.

In addition to identifying specific maintenance, safety, and repair needs at the school, the report also identified potential curriculum and educational adequacy needs, specifically calling for a dedicated
STEM space; separate art, music, and band classroom; and physical enhancements. These needs were identified with one-on-one meetings with teachers and staff and prioritized at the first FAC meeting
through a 1-2-4-All Facilitation Exercise. During a review of the State Education Budget and the District’s finances, the District administration noted that these investments would potentially be partially
supported through state grant programs subsidizing rural and STEM education.

To address these needs, the FAC, CG Schmidt Construction, and FGM Architects are exploring several potential building and site enhancements, while outlining the associated costs for each. The
Executive Summary of the Facilities Assessment may be found on the District website at

“While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to change the educational landscape, we’re pleased to be able to continue our work with the FAC to determine the right long-term facility solutions for the District,” said Matt Eggert, District Administrator. “The FAC has worked hard to evaluate and prioritize our maintenance needs and we don’t want to lose our momentum as we plan for the future of the District as a community.”

The next FAC meeting will be held on June 17 from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. If you have any additional ideas, suggestions, or questions about the FAC or the facilities planning process in general, please contact Matt Eggert, District Administrator at or (262) 878-2191,
extension 102.


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