Twin Lakes Village Board recognizes Tom Connolly for years of service

Former village president and trustee Tom Connolly was recognized by the Twin Lakes Village Board for his long tenure as a public official at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting.

Connolly did not win re-election as a village trustee in the April 7 election.

Village President Howard Skinner read the following resolution at the meeting:

WHEREAS, the Village has benefited from the service of long-standing Trustee Tom Connolly; and

WHEREAS, Tom Connolly was elected in May 1997 as Village Trustee, and became Village President from 1999-2001. Tom was then elected again in 2004 as Village Trustee and has been a Trustee ever since; and

WHEREAS, during his twenty-year tenure, Tom was on a variety of board committees including Administration, Finance, Streets and Roads, Police & Fire, and Building & Zoning where he oversaw countless projects for the Village.

WHEREAS, the Village of Twin Lakes wishes to honor Tom Connolly for his distinguished service to the citizens, friends and families of the Twin Lakes community.

WHEREAS, the residents of this community can all be proud to have such dedicated persons among us who are willing to devote so much of themselves to the betterment of our community.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS PROCLAIMED, the Village President and Village Board of Trustees do hereby publicly acknowledge and thank Tom Connolly for his commitment and service to the Village of Twin Lakes.


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