Kenosha County COVID-19 peak date projected as June 3, model says

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Kenosha County has released modeling Saturday that shows the local peak of COVID-19 cases could be reached in early June.

The model finds that Kenosha County’s new COVID-19 peak date would be on approximately June 3, with 2,480 people infected. Figuring a 20 percent hospitalization rate and a 30 percent intensive care rate of hospitalizations, local hospitals would be able to manage the number of patients needing care, a news release on the modeling from the Kenosha County Joint Information Center says.

As of Friday, the county was reporting 319 positive COVID-19 test results with 7 deaths here.

The projected number of hospitalizations on that June 3 peak date is 496, with 149 patients in intensive care. Without Safer-at-Home in place for the last four weeks, the county would have seen 6,800 hospitalizations at what would have been the peak date of April 5, with more than 2,000 of those patients in intensive care, the new release continues.

“We know coronavirus has brought painful disruption and distress for residents,” said Dr. Jen Freiheit, Kenosha County health officer. “However, these numbers tell us that what we’re doing is working. We know social distancing is tough and comes with incredible sacrifices. But steps we’re all
taking to maintain social distancing could save the lives of people we know and people who are important to us.”

Without the order, which has been in place since March 25, total infections within the county could have topped 90,000 and hospitals would have seen a devastating surge in patients, the Division of Health analysis concluded. In short, since the March 25 state order was put into place, the projected number of infections has had the chance to reduce by almost 50 percent, Freiheit said.

/ Kenosha County Joint Information Center graphic

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