Paddock Lake reminds public don’t flush toilet paper alternatives

A bucket of wipes and paper towels pulled from the Paddock Lake sewer system. /Paddock Lake photo

The Paddock Lake government is asking residents to not flush toilet paper alternatives down the toilet and into the village sewer system.

From a news release:

While Paddock Lake residents are purchasing and using disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers and face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper has become scarce and in high demand.

Some residents have already started using common alternatives like wet wipes, paper towels, facial tissue and cloth wipes as substitutes for bathroom toilet paper.

Many of these products are often labeled as “Flushable”, these alternative products do not degrade in water like toilet paper and can and do plug sanitary sewer laterals, building drains and sewer collection system mains when flushed down toilets.

In 2019, the Village Sanitary Sewer District employees removed several tons of these non-degradable wipes, paper towels and personal hygiene products from the sanitary sewer collection system which costs the Village and you, the system user thousands of dollars.

Obstructions and clogs that occur in private sanitary sewer laterals or within residents building drains become the responsibility of the property owner. During this COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place order, it is highly unlikely that plumbers and drain cleaners will be receptive to freeing clogged sewer pipes. To avoid future sanitary sewer clogs and backups, all residents and users of the sanitary sewer system are reminded to throw wipes, paper towels, tissue and personal hygiene products in the
trash and not flush them down toilets.

Village staff continues to work to serve the public in these extraordinary times. we all need to be respectful of how our actions impact our infrastructure neighbors and Village staff.

Rules of Flushing

Never flush any of the following items down the toilet: Baby wipes or cleaning wipes, tampons and sanitary products, condoms, paper towels, tissues, dental floss, cotton balls and swabs, cat litter, prescription and over the counter medicines, cigarette butts, food waste grease and oils, cloth, paper.

A Paddock Lake sewer impacted with food waste grease and oils. /Paddock Lake village photo
A Paddock Lake sewer that is clean and functioning. /Paddock Lake village photo

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