Spring Election 2020: County supervisor District 19 candidates Q&A

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Voters in county board district 19 will be able to cast a ballot in a contested county supervisor race on April 7 (or by absentee voting before then).

The 19th District includes Paris, most of Brighton and a portion of Somers.

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate, by email or by mail.

Here, in alphabetical order is their biographical information, followed by their question responses:

Sandra Beth — Age: 79. Village, town, city where you reside: Town of Paris. Education: RN, EMTI. Occupation: Retired RN, 20 years as nursing supervisor. Retired EMT and Founding Member of Paris Fire & Rescue for 19 years. Previous elected/appointed public office: Appointed to Kenosha County Aging & Disability Board; 6 years as member & 3 as Chairperson.

Michael Skalitzky — Age: 59. Village, town, city where you reside: Village of Somers. Education: No answer provided. Occupation: Senior Project Manager. Previous elected/appointed public office: Incumbent District 19 – Kenosha County Board Supervisor – 8 years.

1.) What will you do as county supervisor to advance the interests of Western Kenosha County?

Beth — I have lived in western Kenosha County my entire life. My parents had their business here, I raised my children here, and I have been very involved in our western Kenosha County community. I know this community and will use my training and work ethic to evaluate information and facts and make decisions that positively benefit our community. I have strong communication skills that will also enable me to better communicate and seek input from the variety of villages and towns that make up District 19.

Skalitzky — I will continue to support KABA and local municipalities to promote economic growth while preserving the rural life style preferred by residents in Western Kenosha County.  I will continue support public safety which includes law enforcement, roads and ending the opioid crisis.  I will continue to support reduced spending like the $1.5 million saved over the past two county budgets and vote against budgets that increase property taxes.

2.) What will be your top priorities if elected to the County Board?

Beth — My top priority is making sure I am available to the needs and input of the people I represent. I will attend all meetings, ask the tough questions, and make independent decisions. Some issues that I will focus particular attention on include supporting first responders, maintaining top notch services while saving taxpayers money, and continuing to balance preserving our rural heritage with opportunities to grow economic development in Kenosha County.

Skalitzky — Being an advocate for the taxpayer by ensuring fiscal responsibility and reducing waste inherit in government processes.    Continue to support efforts to end the opioid crisis, the various innovative mental health programs and various veterans benefits programs and push for availability to residents in Western Kenosha County.Supporting Enforcement and ensuring transparency in government.Push to reduce Kenosha County’s long term debt level while helping prioritize future spending programs directly impacting Western Kenosha residents.

3.)  Why are you the best choice for county supervisor?

Beth — I’m independent, honest, and ethical. A vote for me is a vote to bring a refreshing and new perspective to the Kenosha County Board. I will attend all of my meetings, ask insightful questions, and add valuable insight on some of the most important issues in our community. If elected, I would be the only supervisor with a background as an RN & EMT. I think it is important that we have input from first responders as all of us rely on first responders for public safety. I will continue to build strong relationships with our municipal boards and bring an independent perspective. I will not make decisions because someone told me to but rather with you, your family, and our future in mind. I will be proud to be your county supervisor. I’ve enjoyed knocking on doors, meeting many new people (and reconnecting with old friends) and hearing about the ideas in our community. After 8 years, it might be time to add a fresh perspective to the County Board. I hope that District 19 would give me an opportunity to be that fresh perspective.

Skalitzky — With over 35 years of Engineering and Project Management experience in the private sector, I am able to examine proposed spending programs and determine wants versus needs.  These skills also enable me to examine returns on investments (ROI’s) and ascertain whether certain programs should proceed or be delayed until a true need is identified.  Applying these skills has enabled me to be a true advocate for the taxpayers of Kenosha County and assure their hard earned dollars are not being wasted on wants versus needs by county government.  Assuring the services that the taxpayers of Kenosha County need are provided is a priority that I take seriously and I look forward to supporting these needs without wasteful spending.


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