Wilmot DECA members compete at 2020 state conference

The following Wilmot DECA members competed at the State Career Development Conference (SCDC) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on March 10-12: Joseph Banish, Barbara Bonogofsky, Jacob Camacho-Running, Cade Girardi, Gabriel Handorf, Jesse Lewandowski, Jacob Maki, and Ian Torstenson. 

Over 1,000 students from across the state competed in 44 different events at the Grand Geneva Resort. All competitors took a written cluster exam and performed two role plays in front of a judge for their occupational series event. Many students also presented written papers or projects during the three day conference. They participated in leadership workshops, networked with DECA members from all over the state, and spoke with numerous exhibitors and professionals.

Eight Wilmot students competed in the following occupational series events:

  • Joe Banish, Retail Merchandising + SBE
  • Barbara Bonogofsky, Retail Merchandising + SBE
  • Jacob Camacho, Principles of Business Management & Administration
  • Cade Girardi, Restaurant & Food Service Management + Community Giving Project
  • Gabe Handorf, Entrepreneurship
  • Jessie Lewandowski, Entrepreneurship
  • Jake Maki, Quick Service Restaurant Management
  • Ian Torstenson, Food Marketing + Community Giving Project

The team of Torstenson, Maki, and Girardi submitted a written paper and presented their work on the Community Giving Project for their efforts with the Priceless Pancakes movement. This organization was started with the help of fellow Wilmot senior Jason Rullman and provides free pancakes for the school community once a month. 

Wilmot High School’s student-run store “The Paw” earned Gold certification for the school-based enterprise event in Food Operations. This written submission was completed by senior Joe Banish. He and senior Barbara Bonogofsky represented The Paw and presented their work on the topic of pricing at SCDC.

Freshman Jacob Camacho-Running was recognized on stage for his performance in the Principles of Business Management & Administration event. He earned a medal for his cluster exam and Role Play #1. 

Senior Jake Maki was an overall series Finalist for the Quick Serve Restaurant Management event. He earned medals for both role plays and took 6th place overall in this competition. 

Senior Cade Girardi won 4th place in Restaurant & Food Service Management. He scored 100% on BOTH Role Play events. Girardi and Maki qualified to compete at ICDC in Nashville in April. 

Wilmot DECA earned ribbons and awards at SCDC for contributions to MDA, Community Service, Competitive Excellence, School-Based Enterprise, and Membership Campaigns.  This year’s International Career Development Conference was scheduled to be held in Nashville, Tennessee on April 28-May 2.


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