Lake weed treatment approved for 2020 for Lakes Mary and Elizabeth

The Twin Lakes Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Board of Commissioners approved lake weed treatment for the 2020 season at a meeting Monday.

Spending not to exceed $15,941 was approved unanimously. The commissioners are the same individuals as the Village Board. Commissioner Thomas Connolly was absent from the meeting.

Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource will perform the work.

About 3.8 acres of Lake Mary will be treated as well as an area of Lake Elizabeth identified as needing treatment in a survey last summer, said Tony Mignon, a member of the Lake Steering Committee. Some channel areas also are treated routinely. Lake Elizabeth has not needed treated the last couple of years.

Mignon praised the work done by Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource.

“He’s done a really good job for us,” Mignon said. “The amount of milfoil keeps going down.”


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