Salem Lakes to use just one polling place for Feb. 18 primary election

Salem Lakes will use just a single polling for place for the Feb. 18 primary election, in anticipation of low turnout, the village announced Monday.

From a news release distributed Monday:

Salem Lakes Village Clerk Shannon Hahn wants to make sure all voters in the village are aware that all voting for the February 18th election will be at the Village Hall on Antioch Road. The Silver Lake and Wilmot polling locations will not be opened. Said Hahn, “The only race on the ballot is the primary for State Supreme Court and very low voter turnout is expected. The Village will save over $5,000 by opening only one polling place rather than staffing three.” As of this news release, only 34 absentee ballots, including those from “early voting” have been received. If a primary were required for village trustee or for school board, the number of absentee ballots would probably have been four or five times as many by this time. Hahn said that the February election will be so different than the others in 2020. “The April 7th and the November 3rd elections will be major events and, in fact, we started making preparations for both of those elections last fall.” The April 7th election will be for all the local elections like village trustee and school boards AND the Presidential Preference Vote. The November 3rd election will be for president of the United States. Hahn confirmed that all three polling places – the Salem Lakes Village Hall, the Silver Lake Hall, and the Wilmot Firestation – will be up and running for those two major elections.


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