Paddock Lake to stay put on chicken regulations

A majority of the Paddock Lake Village Board is not in favor of changing the existing ordinance regarding the keeping of chickens within the village.

The matter was discussed at the committee of the whole meeting last week after a resident of 247th Avenue asked for the current regulations to be revised.

The key provision in the current ordinance calls for a chicken coop to be located no closer than 125 feet from a lot line. Village officials say the average lot in Paddock Lake is 50 feet by 100 feet, meaning the ordinance makes chicken keeping available to only a handful of properties.

Village attorney Jeff Davidson pointed out small lots and compact neighborhoods made Paddock Lake largely unsuited for chicken keeping.

“Health concerns are probably magnified for that reason,” Davidson said.

There were board members on both sides of the issue, but only two that favored making chicken keeping more accessible. (There currently are just six board members with the recent death of Trustee Gary Kaddatz and his seat being vacant.)

“I think our ordinance is fine as is,” said Trustee Kathy Christensen.

Also opposing changes to make chicken keeping more accessible were Trustees Barb Brenner, Gloria Walter and President Terry Burns.

Trustee Robert Spencer said he would favor changing the ordinance since it is written to allow chickens on so few lots (he said there would be three eligible).

“To me it’s not very fair for anybody else,” Spencer said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a huge chicken craze.”

Trustee Scott Garland also supported changing the ordinance.

Barring a change of heart, the board is expected to formally reject the request to change the chicken ordinance at its regular board meeting Wednesday.


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