Twin Lakes considering addressing nuisance short term rental properties

The Twin Lakes Village Board is looking for a way to address chronically troublesome short term rentals in the village without hurting homeowners who are being responsible about how they lease out their properties.

Short-term rentals refers to the recent trend of homeowners renting out their homes for stays of typically a week or less. Websites and apps that facilitate this include and

Board members accepted that most properties in Twin Lakes that are rented out have been not been a problem.

“We all know the vast majority of people doing this in Twin Lakes are good at what they are doing,” said Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald.

When problems do arise, they typically revolve around noise and garbage.

Ideally, board members said, they can find a solution that engages property owners to monitor what is going on at their property and rent to the right clients. One possible solution kicked around was giving a ticket to the renter creating the nuisance as well as the property owner, perhaps after an initial warning ticket for the property owners.

“Let’s not just slap everybody that’s renting out their place like this,” said Kim Lewis, who was in the audience and owns a lakeside home that is rented to short-term renters. “I think putting the property owners on notice and making them responsible is the way to go.”

While board direction was not precise as to how to solve the problem, it is expected that village staff will come back with a proposed ordinance in the future.


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