Salem Lakes revises Purchase of Service Funding Policy; rules on funding requests

The Salem Lakes Village Board on Monday made some revisions to its Purchase of Service Funding Policy and then promptly approved some purchases, and rejected a few others.

The Purchase of Service Funding Policy was adopted as a way for the village to give money to non-profit organizations that provide worthwhile services to village residents in lieu of the village providing those services itself. Says the policy:

It is the policy of the Village to purchase certain services from these not for profit organizations in order to secure for Village taxpayers the benefits of lower costs for necessary services.

Some aspects of the old policy came under scrutiny recently when a round of these requests were considered in November. A due date for proposals and whether organizations had to be physically located in Salem Lakes were among the topics discussed.

The revised policy:

  • Set an application deadline of Aug. 31.
  • Eliminated the need for the organization to be physically located within the village. It does require a demonstration of how many village residents are served.
  • States that requests for funding from individuals will not be funded.

The new policy was approved unanimously with all board members present.

Here are the requests that were funded Monday:

The Sharing Center — $12,000.

Westosha Senior Community Center — $2,000. This group had requested $3,500, but Trustee Dan Campion included the lower amount in his motion, which was seconded and approved.

Requests not approved Monday were:

A’s Dress Closet — Village President Diann Tesar’s motion to approve a request for $200 died for a lack of a second. Trustee Ted Kmiec said he didn’t feel funding the organization was appropriate, but the cause was worthwhile and he said he would make a personal donation of $100. Trustee Mike Culat said he would do the same.

Twin Lakes Area Senior Citizens Club — Tesar moved to approve funding at $2,000 (the club had requested $4,500), but the motion died for lack of a second.

Rock Lake Restoration Association — Trustee Dennis Faber motioned to approve $2,500 in funding (the association had requested $5,000) for an update of an aquatic weed study. A roll call vote had Trustees Ron Gandt, Culat and Faber voting in favor and Tesar and Trustees Bill Hopkins, Campion and Kmiec voting against.


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