Works from Randall School students included on poetry collection

Randall School announced that it had 9 students published in the 2019 “Rising Stars Collection,” a collection of student poetry selected by AppelleyPublishing for their annual book. This contest was open to students in grades 3-12. Their entries were submitted over a year ago for consideration in this publication.

A copy of the book is available in the Randall library.  

Published Randall School poets include (with the grade of their submission):

  • Grace Barton, 5th grade  “More Than 10”
  • Carley Brown, 8th grade, “A Dying Evil”
  • Taylor Dale, 7th grade, “The Box”
  • Kamryn Elliott, 3rd grade, “Choices Are Hard”
  • Jake Keating, 5th grade, “Vibrant Zebra”
  • Chase Meyers, 8th grade, “Trump’s Reign”
  • Allie Tassone, 3rd grade, “Outer Space”
  • Taylor Vepley, 3rd grade, “Monsters”
  • Eliana Weaver, 3rd grade, “Not So Scary Thoughts”

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