2019 Kenosha County Fair poultry show results


The 2019 Kenosha County Junior Fair poultry show was held Thursday at the fairgrounds in Wilmot.

Here are the results of judging with champions by class:

Best in Show – Alexander Hannah – Standard (Australorp)

Reserve Best in Show – Ian Torstenson – Bantam (Wyandotte)

Champion Turkey – Katie Walkington

Reserve Champion Turkey – Paige Nys

Bronze – Paige Nys

Narragansett – Anthony Maxon

White Holland – Katie Walkington

Champion Duck – Austin Dawson (Pekin)

Reserve Champion Duck – Austin Dawson (Runner)

Best Heavy Duck – Austin Dawson (Pekin)

Reserve Best Heavy Duck – Austin Dawson (Appleyard)

Muscovy – Matt Knapp

Pekin – Austin Dawson

Rouen – Matt Knapp

Any Other Heavy Duck – Austin Dawson

Best Medium Duck – Alexander Dawson (Cayuga)

Reserve Best Medium Duck – Aiden Mickewicz

Cayuga – Alexander Dawson

Buff – Alexander Dawson

Crested – Aiden Mickewicz

Best Light Duck – Austin Dawson (Pencil Runner)

Reserve Best Light Duck – Austin Dawson (Fawn/White Runner)

Runner – Austin Dawson (Pencil Runner)

Welsh Harlequin – Alexander Dawson

Champion Goose – Matt Knapp

Reserve Champion Goose – Alexander Dawson

Best Medium Goose – Matt Knapp

Reserve Best Medium Goose – Austin Dawson

American Buff – Austin Dawson

Pilgrim – Grayson Truskowski

Sebastopol – Matt Knapp

Best Light Goose – Alexander Dawson (Chinese White Goose)

Reserve Best Light Goose – Alexander Dawson (Chinese White Gander)

Chinese, White – Alexander Dawson (Chinese White Goose)

Champion Large Fowl – Alexander Hannah (Australorp)

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Katie Walkington (Langshan)

Best American – Matt Knapp

Reserve Best American – Blake Lardinois

White Rock – Blake Lardinois

Colored Rock – Grayson Truskowski

Wyandotte _ Matt Knapp

Rhode Island Red – Evan Kerkman

Jersey Giants – Steven Wierzbicki

New Hampshire – Paige Nys

Best Asiatic – Katie Walkington

Reserve Best Asiatic – Anna Scheele

Light Brahma – Emmalyn Hannah

Cochin – Anna Scheele

Langshan – Katie Walkington

Best English – Alexander Hannah

Reserve Best English – Matt Knapp

Orpington – Matt Knapp

Australorps – Alexander Hannah

Any Other English – Steven Wierzbicki

Best Mediterranean – Alexander Hannah

Reserve Best Mediterranean – Katelyn Hannah

Brown Leghorn – Elaina Murray

Any Other Mediterranean – Alexander Hannah

Best Continental – Steven Wierzbicki

Reserve Best Continental – Anna Scheele

Polish – Paige Nys

Hamburg – Steven Wierzbicki

Any Other Continental – Anna Scheele

Best Any Other Standard – Katelyn Hannah

Reserve Best Any Other – Matt Knapp

Sumatra – Matt Knapp

Phoenix – Paige Nys

Ameraucana – Katelyn Hannah

Any Other Standard Breed – Paige Nys

Best Market/Utility – Will Curran (Roaster – Pullets)

Reserve Best Market/Utility – Will Curran (Roaster-Cockerels)

Hybrid/Cross Meat Type – Will Curran

Broiler Pen – Madelyn Drissel

Roaster Pen – Will Curran (Pullets)

Champion Bantam – Ian Torstenson _ Bantam (Wyandotte)

Reserve Champion Bantam – Katie Walkington (Partridge Chantecler)

Best Game Bantam – Sydney Nys

Reserve Best Game Bantam – Emmalyn Hannah

Modern – Emmalyn Hannah

Old English – Sydney Nys

Best SCCL Bantam – Katie Walkington

Reserve Best SCCL Bantam – Alexander Hannah

Leghorns – Katie Walkington

Japanese – Paige Nys

Plymouth Rocks – Hailey Bies

Rhode Island Red – Matt Knapp

Australorps – Alexander Hannah

Any Other SCCL – Austin Robinson

Best RCCL Bantam – Ian Torstenson

Reserve Best RCCL Bantam – Katie Walkington

Belgian Bearded D’Anvers – Paige Nys

Sebrights – Katie Walkington

Wyandotte – Black – Matt Knapp

Wyandotte – White – Ian Torstenson

Wyandotte – Any Other Color – Austin Robinson

Best AOCCL Bantam – Katie Walkington (Partridge Chantecler)

Reserve Best AOCCL Bantam – Katie Walkington (White Chantecler)

Any Other AOCCL – Katie Walkington

Best Feather Legged Bantam – Paige Nys (Cochin)

Reserve Best Feather Leg Bantam – Hailey Bies

Brahmas – Paige Nys

Cochin, White – Paige Nys

Any Other Cochin – Sydney Nys

Silkies – Hailey Bies

Belgian D’Uccle, Mille Fleur – Paige Nys

Belgian D’Uccle, Any Other – Paige Nys

Champion Helmeted Guinea Fowl – Haily Bies

Pearl – Hailey Bies

Novice Showman – Chase Meyers

Beginner Showman – Emmalyn Hannah

Junior Showman – Evan Kerkman

Senior Showman – Alexander Dawson

Champion Showman – Alexander Dawson

Premier Exhibitor – Alexander Dawson


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