Kenosha County Dairy Promotion Building markets local dairy industry, raises funds for scholarships and special premiums and offers dairy treat bargains

While you are at the Kenosha County Fair you have to stop by the Dairy Promotion Building at the north end of the fairgrounds, just a little ways from the show and sale building, for several reasons.

You will learn about the local dairy industry, help out youngsters with scholarships and special premiums and buy tasty dairy treats that represent one of the best deals to be found on the fairgrounds.

The building is run by the Kenosha County Dairy Promotion Committee. The building sells milk, ice cream and string cheese. It also includes information about local dairy farms and fun facts about the cows in general like this:

  • Did you know that there are 18 dairy farms still operating in Kenosha County (100 years ago there were hundreds).
  • Did you know cows can smell something up to six miles away?

The dairy products for sale include white, strawberry and chocolate milk, string cheese and ice cream treats like vanilla cups, ice cream sandwiches, classic ice cream bars and (my favorite) the Gold ‘n’ Nugget bar. Most items are $1 or less.

“The idea is to promote the dairy industry, as well as to provide milk and affordable treats for fairgoers,” said Marie Weis of Weis-Way Dairy in Paris.

Money raised at the building is used in a couple of ways, said Weis, one of the many dairy farmer volunteers who help staff the building.

Some of the funds raised are used to provide milk for school tours and other events. The money raised by the building also funds scholarships. Three scholarships were awarded this year, with each student receiving $1,000 if they maintain the required grade point average. The funds also provide needed supplies to the 4-H dairy project members and to put on the annual dairy breakfast in June.

Dairy project members are required to work in the booth. In exchange for their labor, the committee solicits donations from businesses and individuals to provide a “special dairy premium” for the project members. 4’Her’s who sell market animals get paid for their animals after the sale. Not so for dairy project members since dairy cows are not sold at the auctions, but return to their farms. Dairy project participants get only the fair premium money for where their animal places. So the dairy promotion committee implemented the special premium program so the dairy kids are rewarded for their hard work, Weis explained.

Tasty treats at a bargain price and helping the local dairy industry and Dairy Project 4-Hers. What better reasons could there be to visit the Dairy Promotions Building at the Kenosha County Fair in Wilmot.

A portion of a display showing the active dairy farms in Kenosha County.
The Dairy Promotions Building offers affordable ice cream treats and a place to sit down for a bit and get out of the sun.
Yes, you can buy milk — of course — at the Dairy Promotions Building.

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