2019 Kenosha County Fair goat show results

Here are the results of judging for the goat show at the 2019 Kenosha County Fair, which took place Thursday at the fairgrounds in Wilmot:

Dairy Show

  • Supreme Champion Dairy Goat: Aliyah Warren (Sable) Bristol Strivers
  • Reserve Champion Senior Dairy Doe: Vanessa LaForge (Alpine) Bristol Challenge
  • Champion Senior Dairy Doe: Aliyah Warren (Sable)
  • Champion Junior Dairy Doe: Jadyn Eisenbraun (Nigerian Dwarf) Bristol Strivers
  • Reserve Champion Junior Dairy Doe: Paige Nys (Saanen)

Breed Classes

  • Champion Senior Alpine: Vanessa LaForge
  • Champion Senior Lamancha: Ivy Whitrock
  • Champion Senior Nubian: Vanessa LaForge
  • Champion Senior Oberhasli: Joy Deaton
  • Champion Senior Sable: Aliyah Warren
  • Champion Junior Alpine: Vanessa LaForge
  • Champion Junior Nigerian Dwarf: Jadyn Eisenbraun
  • Champion Junior Nubian: Vanessa LaForge
  • Champion Junior Oberhasli: Maureen Rosenick
  • Champion Junior Saanen: Paige Nys
  • Champion Junior Sable: Maureen Rosenick
  • Champion Junior Recorded Grade: Ivy Whitrock

Market Goat Show

  • Overall Grand Champion Market Goat: Vanessa LaForge (Boer)
  • Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat: Ivy Whitrock (Dairy Wether)
  • Champion Boer: Vanessa LaForge
  • Champion Crossbred: Ivy Whitrock
  • Champion Dairy Wether: Ivy Whitrock
  • Champion Breeding Doe: Vanessa LaForge


  • Supreme Champion Showman: Aliyah Warren
  • Champion Novice Showman: Logan Hoffman, Bristol Strivers
  • Champion Junior Showman: Aliyah Warren, Bristol Strivers
  • Champion Intermediate Showman: Jadyn Eisenbraun, Bristol Strivers
  • Champion Senior Showman: Vanessa LaForge, Bristol Challenge

Companion Goat Classes

  • Champion Pet Goat: Jadyn Eisenbraun

Photos from the show are available here.


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