2019 Kenosha County Fair Merit Awards winners

Here is a list of the 2019 Kenosha County Junior Fair Merit Award Winners:

Home Environment
Alexander Dawson, Somers Charger, Cornell University Counted Cross Stitch.
Maggie Balenkowski, Somers Chargers, Table Setting.
Rebecca Burkhalter, Bristol Challenge, Floral/Butterfly Wall Hanging.
Child Development
Cherish Clark, Kenosha Klovers, Snack food Poster.

Cultural Arts
Teagan Tonyan, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Wood Owl.
Liam Meyers, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Musical Gourd Drum.
Daisy Deaton, Salem Pioneers, Theater Arts Play Story Poster.
Liam Meyers, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Recycled Flower.
Cherish Clark, Kenosha Klovers, Mosaic Mirror.
Anastassya Murphy, Wheatland Willing Workers, Pencil Drawing.
Harper Behling, Kenosha Klovers, Original Creative Writing.
Alexander Hannah, Bristol Challenge. Beaded Necklace.
Chase Meyers, Slades Corners Lucky Clovers, Giant Leaf Bird Bath.
Hailey Luedtke, Wheatland Willing Workers, Hand Woven Basket.
Sabrina Neuhaus,Somers Chargers, Pencil Drawing.
Ruby Loecher, Wheatland Willing Workers, Ukanian Eggs.
Ben Kunkel Bristol Strivers Wind Chimes

State Youth Conference Art
Rachael Pofahl Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Gourd Pot
Alessadra Lupo Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Deer Painting

4-H Club Scrapbook
Somers Chargers

Animal Science
Alexander Dawson Somers Chargers Superficial Muscles of a Horse

Cake Decorating
Jana Cooper Salem Pioneers Harry Potter Book of Spells Fondant Cake
Katelyn Halladay Brighton Bombers Picnic Basket Cake
Allie Hull Bristol Strivers Camp Fire Cupcakes
Joy Deaton Salem Pioneers Giant Pizza Cookie

Food Preservation
Claire Suiter Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Strawberry Jam
Thomas Kirchner Wheatland Willing Workers Pizza Sauce

Foods & Nutrition
Taylor Dale Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Banana Nut Muffins
Austin Robinson Bristol Challenge Nana’s Cookies
Eliza Koski Brighton Bombers Raspberry Meringue Kisses
Ian Kerkman Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Kefta – My Favorite Food
Grace Lasch Salem Pioneers Poutine
Alexander Dawson Somers Chargers Beef Brisket
Katelyn Halladay Brighton Bombers Challah Bread
Katelyn Halladay Brighton Bombers Checkerboard Cookies
Katelyn Halladay Brighton Bombers Key Lime Pie

Vet Science
Alexander Dawson Somers Chargers Electric Board Duck

Scale Models
James Paulaski III Bristol Challenge Scale Model of a Farm

Grayson Truckawski Bristol Strivers Free standing Legos
Evan Kerkman Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Free Standing Legos
Sebastian Korthase Salem Pioneers Lego Kit

Austin Dawson Somers Chargers Bench
Katelyn Hannah Bristol Challenge Desk

Flowers & House Plants
Wyatt Flade Wheatland Willing Workers Cut Flowers
Montana Hipper Bristol Challenge Ivy

Hunter Oberembt Bristol Strivers Mild Banana peppers
Hunter Oberembt Bristol Strivers Sweet corn
Maddox Sherwood Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Broccoli
Alexander Dawson Somers Chargers Green Market cabbage
Chase Meyers Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Garden Box

Natural Sciences
Chase Meyers Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Display of Native Aquatic Plants
Maddox Sherwood Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Gun Safety and Sportsmanship Poster

Sophia Pearson Paris Happy Workers Beauty in Bloom
Griffin Gagliano Brighton Bombers Favorite Tractor
Allie Hull Bristol Strivers True Loves Kiss
Eddie Brieman Wheatland Willing Workers Around the Bend

Jaden Gussis Paris Happy Workers Sliver Me Timbers
Ian Kerkman Slades Corners Lucky Clovers Chilly Chicken
Amanda Gorsuch Bristol Strivers Abstract Water fall
Katelyn Hannah Bristol Challenge Sun Kissed Freclkes
Ben Lasch Salem Pioneers A Day at Sea

State Photos
Gwen Neuhaus Somers Chargers Cyber space
Elizabeth Jones Paris Happy Workers Morning Dew
Ben Lasch Salem Pioneers Hard at Work

Kinzi Daniels Brighton Bombers Skirt
Carly Lois Wheatland Willing Workers Dress
Chloe Lois Wheatland Willing Workers Dress
Lizzy Petges Brighton Bombers Quilt

Fashion Explosion
Kialee Horton Salem Pioneers Apron
Elliana Mueller E.A.R.T.H Pajama pants
Maggie Balenkowski Somers Chargers Dress
Abbey Proctor E.A.R.T.H Skirt & top
Daisy Deaton Salem Pioneers Dress
Melissa Balenkowski Somers Chargers Costume

Mabel Kessler Award
Carly Lois Wheatland Willing Workers

Shirley Daniels Memorial Award
Kialee Horton Salem Pioneers


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