Brighton School sixth graders launch rockets

Brighton School 6th grade students spent some time being aspiring rocketeers last month.

Using the Kesler STEM Challenge – Project: Rocket Launcher, students researched the basic design of bottle rockets before designing their own. Students were placed in groups of two who worked together  brainstorming ideas to try out when developing their rocket. The goal of this challenge is to build a rocket that will fly straight and high. The teacher gave the students a budget of $500,000 and a variety of materials to choose from.  A sampling of material prices were a 2-liter bottle costing $200,000, tape was $25,000 per two feet and cardboard cost $200,000 per piece.  All prices to scale of course.

Students had their initial launch and saw the successes and difficulties some rockets faced.  After a classroom discussion of what to change groups modified their rockets and planned to launch again.

Here is video of one of the launches:


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