Salem Lakes requests traffic study for Highway AH

Salem Lakes will request a traffic study of Highway AH west of Salem School.

The village will request Kenosha County conduct the study as a first step in reducing the speed limit from 55 mph in stretch from 256th Avenue west to Camp Lake Road.

Kenosha County has jurisdiction over setting a speed limit on Highway AH.

The board unanimously approved asking for the traffic study at Monday’s regular board meeting.

Interim village administrator Mike Murdock said the village could have requested a reduction in the speed limit, but the county likely would have done the traffic study anyway.

“You can request a 45 speed limit, but they are still going to do a traffic study,” Murdock said.

Trustee Dan Campion said the county wants to have data before making such decisions.

Murdock said the study will take into account a number of factors, including how many driveways are on the road and how fast people are driving on the road now. Speed limits are in part set on how fast people are comfortable driving on a stretch of road, Murdock said.

“It’s hard to base speed limits on what we think they should be,” Murdock said.

Two members of the audience who live on Highway AH expressed support for a lower speed limit at the meeting. One said cars frequently end up in the ditch in his front hard.

On June 1 a woman died after her car left the roadway in the 26900 block of Highway AH, striking a culvert and a tree.


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