Wheatland Town Board keeps Lilly Lake on slow no wake status; options considered

The Wheatland Town Board on Monday did not change the slow no wake status of Lilly Lake.

Slow no wake was ordered for the lake on May 13. A re-measurement of the level on Monday showed the lake to actually be a bit higher than on May 13.

The Monday measurement translates to 758.9 feet above mean sea level.

“It’s ridiculously high,” said town Chairman Bill Glembocki.

This is the highest the lake has been since 2017, a year of historic rain fall and widespread flooding throughout the area. The summer of 2017 also was the last time the lake was under slow no wake status.

Glmebocki said he talked with a representative of the state Department of Natural Resource about possibly lowering the lake level by pumping water out of Lilly Lake. The process sounds difficult and lengthy, chiefly due to the number of permits and permissions required. Where water might be pumped to is also not clear.

Glembocki said he would contact the village engineer as well as any other experts he could find or were suggested to him to see if moving water out of the lake is feasible.

Town officials have said the level of Lilly Lake tends to be more static than many area lakes because it does not have an outlet or spillway.

One audience member suggested exploring whether Kenosha County could be held liable for any cost of lowering the lake because the county allowed building in areas around the lake that used to hold water from the lake when it was high.


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