Paddock Lake Village Board shows little interest in establishing ATV/UTV routes

A resident’s request that Paddock Lake consider establishing ATV/UTV routes within the village street system met with little support from the Village Board at a committee of the whole meeting Wednesday.

Resident Ed Ingram asked the board to consider the change. He characterized it as similar to the village’s allowing of registered golf carts to be used on village streets.

“A lot of people in town have UTVs,” Ingram said. “It’s getting to be a big thing in Wisconsin.”

Allowing legal street use would allow him and other UTV owners to get a little more use out of their vehicles, Ingram said.

After Ingram made his case, board members started giving their opinions.

The most supportive was Trustee Robert Spencer, who said he has experienced UTVs being driven “like cars” in other areas of the state and country. With what he sees as the increasing popularity of such vehicles, he called allowing them on village roads some day “inevitable.”

But other board members were less enthusiastic, some markedly so.

Trustees Barb Brenner, Gloria Walter and Kathy Christenson all said they were opposed to allowing ATVs/UTVs on village roads under any circumstances. The trio cited concerns about racing, narrowness of village roads and damage to village roads as reasons.

“I’m just totally against it,” Brenner said.

Expressing more mixed feelings were Trustees Scott Garland and Gary Kaddatz. Garland said he owns an ATV, but he uses it more for work tasks such as snow removal.

President Terry Burns said he was staying “impartial” on the issue.

Another obstacle was route marking requirements from the state. Tim Popanda, village administrator, said he estimates designating an ATV/UTV route within the village would cost $14,000, while the village could only charge a maximum of $25 per unit for a permit to recover those costs.

The board is not expected to advance the consideration of ATV/UTV routes.


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