Snow update: 8:26 a.m., April 28, 2019; next up, rain

Well Saturday’s snow storm didn’t really add up to much. Many areas at HQ in Paddock Lake — like paved surfaces — saw no accumulation. Where accumulation did happen, results varied. The most common measurement was about 2.5 inches.

With that bit of winter revisited out of the way, we can all look forward to getting back to doing those early spring outdoor tasks right?

Well maybe not for a couple of days.

Rain features prominently in the latest, local National Weather Service forecast. There’s a 70-100 percent chance of rain in the forecast for Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday and Tuesday night. A 30-40 percent chance of rain lingers into Wednesday and Thursday. As much as 2 inches of rain may fall through Tuesday night.

But it’s not snow.

High temperatures are expected to be in the 50s all week. We may not see 60 again until perhaps Saturday.


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