Snow update: 7:14 p.m., Sunday, April 14, 2019

Well it’s still snowing at about 7:15 p.m., Sunday, but I could no longer resist going out and measuring the snow.

Clearly, this snowfall exceeded expectations. We measured a solid 7 inches of snow at headquarters in Paddock Lake at about 7:10 p.m. That is more than double what was forecast as of this morning. There was some variance in snowfall depth here, but 7 inches was the most consistent measurement. It’s wet, thick snow.

The snow has tapered off some, but continues to fall. The National Weather Service says it should stop completely by 10 p.m.

It doesn’t seem like it should stick around for long. Monday’s high is forecast for 49 and Tuesday’s for 59 in the latest, local forecast.

It may not be snow thanks to higher temperatures, but that forecast also includes a steady chance of rain through Friday.

UPDATE 7:35 p.m. — Looks like our area is in the greatest accumulation area, according to NWS:


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