Spring Election 2019: Paddock Lake trustee Q&A

Voters in Paddock Lake will be able to vote in a contested election for village trustee in the April 2 election.

Incumbents Kathy Christenson and Gary Kaddatz are being challenged by Scott Garland and Paul Kaiser. Another incumbent, Chris Kram, did not run for re-election. Three seats will be filled.

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate by email.

Here is their biographical information followed by their question responses, presented in alphabetical order:

Kathy Christenson — No information submitted.

Scott Garland — Age: 44. Education: High School Diploma. Occupation: Purchasing Coordinator at Rosalind Franklin University. Previous elected offices: None.

Gary Kaddatz — Age: 68. Education: I have a High School GED. Occupation: I am retired. Previous elected offices: On the Village Board for 6 years.

Paul Kaiser — Age:43. Education: Northern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science/Computer Science, Minor/Business Administration. Occupation: Software Developer. Previous elected offices: None.

1.) Why are you the best choice for village trustee?

Christenson — No information submitted.

Garland — Quote:  “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”  ―  Babe Ruth. That quote is one that me and my family personally take to heart.  I am not looking to be elected for personal gain and I am not looking for any changes that will only affect or benefit me and only me. We have a terrific community and if at all possible, I would love to see any changes that are made benefit the entire village, not just me or my family. I think the residents that know me, especially within the association that I belong to, know that the things/events I have been a part of to help lead are not for my own personal gain or just for me, rather for the enjoyment of everyone. I am not very good…or comfortable for that matter talking about or giving praise to myself. I am just an average, everyday person who loves his family, boating, baseball (sports) and Paddock Lake. I have a regular job and have been a village resident since November, 2012. I just want what is best for this community that I love being a part of! I am a husband, father and grandfather. Though I consider myself a small fish in the community, I know my name has been out throughout the community the last couple years as I have been part of both boat parade and fish stocking teams.  Those that know me know my character and the kind of person I am.  I am a big advocate of letting my character along with word of mouth by the people that do know me, speak for me.  I do not consider myself political.  I don’t talk politician and cannot speak very much into politics.  I am not much into campaigning, selling or making unreasonable promises just to make myself look better, just to get elected. I do not have any slogans or a platform.  It’s just not me. That said, if I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will take the responsibilities seriously, and not just for status. Again I am just an average resident who wants to make a positive impact on the present and future of our community.

Kaddatz — I feel I am the best choice for Village Trustee because of my construction career along with my time served on the Village Board 6 years has provided me with extensive experience in municipal affairs and public works operations and with 6 years of experience on the Village Board I feel I’m best suited to keep operational costs in check and thereby help control village expenses.

Kaiser — Having lived in Paddock Lake for over 25 years, I have seen many changes in the village over that period of time. Some of these changes have benefited the village, however, many have not. I certainly do not enjoy a $260 sewer bill every 3 months, as I’m sure the rest of the citizens of Paddock Lake do not appreciate it either. I was also deeply disturbed in reading an article from “West of the I” on how the Village Board thought it was prudent to give the village employees an extra 1 percent raise from a surplus of salt in 2017. “This year’s additional 1 percent pay increase was funded by the village not having to buy road salt for the coming winter due to a stockpile,” Burns said. I believe a better decision would have been the creation of an emergency fund. An emergency fund could have been used to fund the purchase of 7 new computers that Village President Terry Burns authorized in November of 2018. I have worked in a business environment and technology field for over 30 years. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to solve many and various complex problems with creative, common sense solutions. It is my desire to bring this skill set to the village board if given the chance.

2.) What do you see as the chief challenges that the village faces?

Christenson — No information submitted.

Garland — Trust. I hear from folks within the community that they do not have trust with the way certain things are handled within the village. Now I know full well you cannot make everyone happy and I am sure that if I am elected, I too may do some things and/or make some decisions that might upset residents, including friends of mine, throughout the village. That’s just the nature of the beast when you become an elected official of any kind, whether being an association board member or village trustee. Unfortunately, sometimes what may be good for one portion of whatever the population may be may not be so much for another. Somehow we need to try and come to a happy medium in which decisions made that benefit all citizens within Paddock Lake, not just portions. My goal is to try and help ask the questions the questions that need to be asked, get answers for the questions that need answers and hopefully bridge the gap, even if it’s just a little bit to get members within our community to gain some trust among their elected officials. I would love to see “standing room only” attendance at the committee of the whole meetings every month where residents can have discussions with their elected officials about their concerns, or maybe, just maybe give some praise. Believe me, just a little bit of praise given on both sides could go a long way because sometimes it can feel as though it’s us (officials) versus them (residents) mentality. Right now, there just simply is very little trust that they will be heard…I mean actually heard and not feel as they are being “dooley noted.” If our residents are truly heard, though they may still walk away not getting the result(s) they were looking for, they may at least appreciate the fact that their concerns actually do matter to their elected officials.

Kaddatz — The Village is experiencing development interest from residential and commercial developers as a result of large commercial development occurring near the I-94 corridor. As a longtime resident of Paddock Lake, I would like to guide the development that occurs in Paddock Lake to be an asset to all Village residents.

Kaiser — Paddock Lake is going to have a very difficult time in managing all the new real estate and commercial development that is currently flooding the village. On top of that, the village is currently underway on a major water project that is running along Highway 50 impacting many business and homeowners.

3.) What would be your top initiatives for the next term if you are elected?

Christenson — No information submitted.

Garland — Quite honestly, I do not have an agenda. My initiatives are simply to try and help the community the best that I can.

Kaddatz — The Village is on the verge of changing due to development pressures, I would like to be elected to another two year term to serve and be the voice of my fellow residents in guiding this development. The future commercial and residential development should not be allowed to impact the current resident’s quality of life and should only be permitted and built if the development improves the quality of life for Village residents.

Kaiser — I would start with overhauling the current Village of Paddock Lake website. I would like the citizens of Paddock Lake to have knowledge of, as well as, a voice in the decisions that are being made for all village residents. This could be accomplished by establishing a forum on their website, so that the citizens can voice their opinions, ideas and complaints. I would also recommend that the Highway 50 water project be put on hold until the citizens of Paddock Lake that are directly impacted have a chance to weigh in on all viable options.




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