14 Wheatland Center School students have work selected for 2019 Southern Lakes Anthology

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Young authors and artists at Wheatland Center School recently participated in the Southern Lakes Anthology writing project, with 14 of Wheatland’s students having their work chosen for publication.

The theme of this year’s anthology project was “Not Always Black & White.” Student work was judged on clarity and message, creativity/originality, technical skill and presentation, and overall quality.

Fourth grader, Valerie Defilippo, received special recognition this year.  In addition to having her piece published in this year’s anthology, she will have the honor of reading her poem at the reception in Whitewater on May 21.

The following students that had their work selected for publication (listed as student name, grade level, category and work’s title):

  • Valerie Defilippo, fourth grade, poetry, “School – Past & Present.”
  • Camden Ide, fourth grade, illustrated writing,  “Look Beyond.”
  • Grace Snyder, fifth grade, art, “Thorns.”
  • Jessica Roynon, sixth grade, poetry, “Listen to Your Heart.”
  • Elise Williamson, sixth grade, art,  “Party Animals.”
  • Caleb Bohn, seventh grade, poetry, “Simple Beauty.”
  • Jasmine Delaney, seventh grade, illustrated writing, “Shattered.”
  • Anika Kvacik, seventh grade, art, “Empty Eyes.”
  • Molly Schwertfeger, seventh grade, art, “Melting Self Doubt.”
  • Gwen Hammond, eighth grade, illustrated writing, “Dancing Memories.”
  • Paige Olson, eighth grade, poetry, “Trapped in a Shadow.”
  • Jessica Ormonde, eighth grade, poetry, “Good Things Come.”
  • Beau Schwertfeger, eighth grade, art, “Be ‘Lit’.”
  • Brynn Wierzbicki, eighth grade, art, Painting, “A New Light.”

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