Paddock Lake warns residents to be on outlook for water leaks, flooding with changing weather

Paddock Lake officials are warning village residents to be on the outlook for water pipe leaks, roof damage and possible flooding with ongoing weather conditions.

The area has almost 20 inches of snow on the ground — at least at the start of Friday. The rapid warming and rain expected over the weekend can cause problems, points out village administrator Tim Popanda. All of that melting can mean flooding and damage to roofs with ice dams and buildings with flat roofs.

“Water pipes such as well service pipes, water mains and water laterals often break days after extreme cold snaps,” Popanda said.

Popanda asks residents to look for running water from the municipal water system, which serves the east side of the village, and report leaks to the village office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 843-3617. After hours or weekend call the Kenosha County Sheriff Department  non-emergency number 262-843-2371 to report municipal water system leaks or flooding issues.


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