Twin Lakes Rescue to get new defibrillator/monitors

The Twin Lakes Village Board agreed Monday to front the expense of two new defibrillator/monitors for Twin Lakes Rescue.

The new¬†defibrillator/monitors or LIFEPAKs will replace units in the department’s two ambulances. Those units are outdated, said Fire Chief Stan Clause Jr.

“They’re well over 15 years old,” Clause told the board Monday.

The new units will be purchased from Physio-Control Inc. of Redmond, Washington, which Clause said is one of only two companies that make such equipment. The cost will be $53,319, after a trade-in allowance for the old units and including the Twin Lakes purchase in with a purchase being made by Walworth County. The village will pay the cost upfront and rescue will reimburse the money at a rate of $10,000 a year.


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