Twin Lakes to have downtown businesses shovel own walks

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Downtown Twin Lakes businesses will be told they are expected to clear snow from the sidewalks in front of their businesses this winter.

The village has been clearing walks in the downtown business district, but Village Board members decided Tuesday that business owners should shoulder that responsibility, just as residents have to clear sidewalks of snow in other neighborhoods.

“I don’t think we should be doing all of the businesses sidewalks,” said Trustee Tom Connolly, who chaired Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting in the absence of President Howard Skinner.

The issue of the village clearing downtown sidewalks was discussed by the board late last winter before being tabled for discussion again in the fall.

Village administrator Jennifer Frederick said having public works not shoveling walks downtown would free personnel to work on clearing streets.

However, there are some areas of downtown that would still be the village’s responsibility. How to clear those areas was discussed, with hiring a part-time, as needed employee or contracting the work out as two options.

The village will figure out what snow removal responsibilities it has left int eh business district first and then come up with options to handle it.


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