Local veterans and volunteer first responders to receive Quick Reaction Force (QRF) training

Members of the first ever QRF-Kenosha Team will undergo training on Oct. 2o, Nov. 3 and Nov. 10 provided by Steve Heiges of the Medical College of Wisconsin and DryHootch, Levi Marker of Dry Hootch and E.D. Great Lakes DryHootch and Otis Winstead at the Kenosha County Center, Highways 50 and 45 in Bristol.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF) training is a certified 40-hour program designed to provide veterans and volunteer first responders with highly specialized skills to recognize the impact of traumatic stress, provides intervention techniques, develop resources and uses ethical principles to guide the certified peer mentor in their support of volunteer FF/EMTs across the county.

The founding members of the QRF Kenosha Team are: Jessica Busch, LCSW; Tom Brown, FF/EMT and Army Veteran from Randall Fire Department (FD); Chaplain Jeff Halldorson FF/EMT and Lutheran Minister from Wheatland FD; Paul Werfelmann, FF/EMT from Bristol and Fontana FD; Chris Oliver FF/EMT and Marine Corps Veteran from Bristol FD; Janet Geller-Lesko, retired Navy Commander and Board Member of JustLive.org the group who is selflessly funding this project; and Dan Medlock, MSN(RN) LPC, CSAC, EMT-B, retired Navy who is a DNP PMH student at Rush University.

If you have an interest in this program, or would like more information, then please email the QRF Team at: qrfkenosha@gmail.com.”


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