Paddock Lake to improve access to all of Senior Citizen Park

The swale shown here in the center of the photo divides Senior Citizen Park in Paddock Lake, resulting in the section to the left being mostly unused.

Paddock Lake officials have come up with a way to maybe have more of Senior Citizen Park used more often.

The solution will be to provide access to an isolated portion of the park through the placement of a culvert and a small walkway from 64th Place. Plans also call for establishing some seating on the other side of the park to facilitate viewing of the lake.

Village officials have in recent months been discussing how to better utilize the lake side park. One observation was that a portion of the park is virtually unused because it is separated from the rest of the park by a deep swale that often has water standing in it.

A proposal this summer to build a bridge over the swale proved to be expensive and problematic for providing adequate access for people with disabilities.

At Monday’s committee of the whole meeting, village administrator Tim Popanda proposed a new plan — the culvert and walkway too small for vehicle access to provide access to the isolated portion of the park from 64th Place and an elevated shelter for lake viewing on the other side of the park.

In discussion, the shelter was rejected as likely too expensive. Instead, the village will re-purpose a bench that was once at Village Hall as seating at the park facing the lake. The bench will be anchored to prevent damage or theft, Popanda said.

Work on the culvert and walk way could take place yet this year, Popanda said.


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