Randall School debuts second Randy Wildcat mascot

From left: Scott Stewart, Randy Sr., Randy Jr., Kaitlin Vanderloop/ Submitted photo

If you thought you were seeing thinks at Randall School’s first day of the year Tuesday with not one but two Randy Wildcat mascots, you were OK. There are indeed now two Randy Wildcats.

From a news release from the school:

Randall School’s mascot Randy Wildcat could just not keep up with the demands of our ever growing school and all the places he needed to be. Since he could not be in two places at one time, Randall Student Council decided it was time to break out a new young Randy to help, thus Randy Jr. made his debut this morning.   With both of our mascots, we were able to welcome students entering both sides of our building on the first day of school. Whether students stepped off the bus to start their first day of the 2018-19 school year, or were dropped off by parents on the junior high side of the building, they were greeted by Randy Jr. or Randy Sr. There is something special about having a school mascot. It brings a little extra spirit to the events that take place in Randall. For our youngest population, it is sort of like a warm teddy bear hanging around. Many of the kids grabbed a hug as they came in to start the year. With each Randy is always a handler. They make sure Randy gets safely to each location and is the right-hand person for his visits.

Randy Wildcat Sr. welcoming Elijah Lynch back to school. Elijah is a 3rd grader this year. /Submitted photo

Randy Jr. , Logan Davis (black and blue trimmed backpack), Ryan DeMoon Logan is in 1st grade and Ryan DeMoon is in 3rd grade. /Submitted photo


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