2018 Twin Lakes National Night Out coverage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

National Night Out was celebrated in Twin Lakes Tuesday night.

The annual event included public safety and law enforcement personnel and equipment from the Twin Lakes Police Department, Twin Lakes Fire and Rescue, the Randall Fire Department, Town of Wheatland Fire Department, the Sheriff’s Department the Department of Natural Resources and other agencies.

Any monetary donations collected during the event were to be donated to a charity that teaches very young children survival skills in the water in the name of Theodore R. Johnson, a local boy who died Sunday on Lake Elizabeth.

Police and fire personnel gave several demonstrations. Following is video from some of those demonstrations.

Here firefighters race to see who can out on their gear the fastst (Patrick Riley from Randall Fire Department was the winner):

Here is a demonstration of the TLPD Tazers, with Capt. Dennis Linn and her two sons volunteering to be tazed:

Here TLPD K9 Rex apprehends a bad guy (Actually Capt. Linn):

Here the Sheriff’s Department used their robot to blow out a window of a car:

In this video, firefighters demonstrate the techniques and equipment they use to open up a car to reach a patient:

Here are some more photos:

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