Twin Lakes to pursue new lake level monitoring system

Lakes Mary and Elizabeth are both figuratively and physically central to the village of Twin Lakes.

On Monday, the Twin Lakes Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District commissioners — who are the same individuals as the Village Board — voted to pursue a partnership with the United States Geographic Survey that should result in more accurate and reliable data about lake levels in those lakes.

The Lake District Commissioners were acting on the Steering Council’s recommendation of partnering with USGS to install two monitoring stations- one on Lake Elizabeth and one at the spillway, explained Jennifer Frederick, village administrator.  USGS will be responsible for purchase and installation as well as regular monitoring and calibrating of the equipment.  All data collected is considered USGS data and shared on the National Water Info System database for use by Army Corps, National Weather Service and other agencies.

Accuracy is plus or minus 0.01’, Frederick said.

The village has had difficulties with lake level data over the years due to ice push on the bollard gauges, and calibration problems with the electronic device, Frederick said.

“The Lake District Commissioners felt this was an opportunity to collect accurate data by experienced scientists trained on pressure transducers and lake level data collection,” Frederick said.

Accurate lake level data is important for knowing when to impose slow no wake conditions and controlling shoreline erosion.

Initial cost to the lake district is estimated to be $5,000-10,000 with a $5,750/unit annual operation and maintenance fee, Frederick said.


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