Slow, no wake orders issued in Salem Lakes and Twin Lakes

Municipal governments in Salem Lakes and Twin Lakes have put most of their lakes under a slow, no wake order.

One exception to the order is Silver Lake, which continues to have regular boat operation.

The Twin Lakes order affects Lake Mary and Lake Elizabeth. The lakes there received over 4 inches of rain from Monday through Tuesday, when the order was issued, the village website says.

Among the lakes affected by the order in Salem Lakes are Camp Lake, Center Lake, Hooker Lake and Lake Shangri-la.


One Comment

  1. Allen says:

    They NEED to include the Fox River on this! Our area is supposed to be slow/no wake all the time, yet they don’t enforce it. I see hundreds of boats during the summer months and DURING floods that go flying up and down the river, causing banks to collapse and sending waves into houses during flooding. Please VOSL, do something about this!

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