2018 Silver Lake Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony coverage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Silver Lake paid tribute to the members of the US Military who gave the ultimate sacrifice with the annual parade and ceremony hosted by the Schultz-Hahn AmericanĀ Legion Post #293 on Monday.

The parade featured units from local veterans groups, law enforcement, school marching bands, businesses, area fire departments and a large contingent of Scouts. Here is some video of the school bands (Riverview School, Central High School, Wilmot Union High School and Wheatland Center School) in the parade:

After the parade, a ceremony marking the day was held at the American Legion Hall. It included comments about the meaning of the day, reading of InĀ Flanders Field, music from the Riverview School band and Central High School band, a wreath laying and gun salute. Here are some video highlights from the ceremony:

Here are some more photos from the parade and ceremony:



  1. Discusted says:

    First I will say the overall parade was great. With the exception of the Wilmot High School Band. First the busses parked on the parade route, blocking a nice grassy area for people to watch parade. Then when the band got to the busses they just quit to leave a good 1 1/2 to 2 blocks before the end of the parade. People come to parades to hear the bands play not scurry to leave before the end of the parade. If they were in so much a hurry to get out maybe they should have stayed home. Put a real bad light on the Wilmot HS band and band director as he was the one directing everyone to the busses. Everybody else did a real nice job and I appreciate that.

  2. agreed says:

    agreed… when one leaves a party early it kills the party. It is unfortunate that WUHS didn’t park at the end PLUS. And, to lead the parade so that they could go past the beginning point, load up on busses pointed in the exit position and then get to the Twin Lakes event without snarking the parade or audience at either end…. AT Twin, they could play last. Logistics does not seem to be a known skill.

    However, my comment does not at all indicate a favor of the pitiful Kenosha News opinion idea of a single MEGA PARADE… Sorry, we like local. We like that the two parades are different and are local in the presentation and the viewing. Kenosha City can to theirs and that is well and good, but I have no interest in travelling to the city to sit away from our businesses and away from our neighbors just because someone is having some UNbrilliant idea of a single parade.

  3. Tony stone says:

    People who complain about a small town Memorial Day parade are definitely the ones who complain about free lunch!

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