Randall School students participate in 2018 Math 24 competition

Randall School participated in the Annual Math 24 competition sponsored by the Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network.

This competition provides an opportunity for students in the area to complete at various levels using the Math 24 game.

This year, 12 students from Randall participated in this event. Here are the awards taken home:

4th grade — Pete Tassone was high scorer for Randall’s team.

5th grade — Lucas Mangold took 1st place for 5th grade at the event, also was the high scorer for Randall. Kassie Baggett took 4th place for 5th grade at the event.

6th grade — James Kiraly took 1st place for  6th grade at the event, high scorer for Randall’s 6th grade team. Tyler Bell took 5th place for all 6th grade at the event.

7th grade — Riley Buchert took 6th place for all the 7th grade teams, high scorer for Randall 7th graders.


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