Move of old Bristol town hall to prompt road closures, powers outages Tuesday

/Contributed photo by John McCabe, used with permission

The moving of the 1870 Bristol town hall from its current location in a county park along Highway C to downtown Bristol in Firemen’s Park will take place Tuesday.

The structure is already up on a trailer and ready to be moved down Highway C starting at 9 a.m., Tuesday. Highway C will be closed at 8:45 a.m. The building will take both lanes of Highway C, so no traffic will be allowed. The building will next be moved north on Highway 45, which will have some closures between 10 a.m. and  2 p.m. Next, the building will be moved down 84th Street east to 198th Avenue and north on 198th Avenue to 8323 198th Ave., Fireman’s Park, the building’s new location.

The move will require utility company crews to relocate some lines, which may cause outages. A We Energies spokesman said about 20 electrical customers have been notified that outages are possible. One of those was Bristol School, which decided to cancel classes for the day.

Bristol Fire and Rescue and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will be on hand.

If no hitches develop, the building should be in the park by 2 p.m., where it will await the digging of a new foundation.

The move is a project of the Bristol Historical Society Inc.

/Contributed photo by John McCabe, used with permission


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