U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan announces he will not run for re-election

US Rep. Paul Ryan

We don’t post a lot of state level or beyond politics here at westofthei.com, but we felt the announcement by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan — who also happens to be the Speaker of the House — that he will not run for re-election warranted an exception.

Ryan made the announcement Wednesday.

The First Congressional District includes Western Kenosha County. This January will mark 20 years since Ryan was first elected to Congress.

Here’s a story on the announcement.

Here is a statement released by state Rep. Samantha Kerkman, whose district includes most of Western Kenosha County:

Having known Paul since his first run for office, I have long-admired his work and appreciated first-hand his contributions in making Wisconsin’s first congressional district a wonderful place to live. The decision to not see re-election is one he hasn’t taken lightly and as a mom of two boys myself, I understand how deeply satisfying it will be for his family to have Paul home. While this represents a huge leadership loss to the district, I have the warmest wishes for him, Janna, and the kids as he charts his next chapter.”

Here is a statement released by state Sen. Van Wanggaard, whose district includes most of Western Kenosha County:

“I cannot imagine a better friend personally, politically or legislatively than Paul Ryan. I am saddened, but understand, his announcement that he will not seek re-election. It is a sad moment for southeastern Wisconsin and the country. In an often cynical business, one of Paul’s defining characteristics for me, was his ability to see the best in people, and always be hopeful about the strength of individuals and the country. He knows politics is not a zero-sum, us vs. them game, and that a rising tide lifts all ships. Paul presents reasoned arguments to advocate for his position rather than attempt to tear down others. These traits are too unusual in today’s politics. I remain committed to continuing his tradition of positive, result-oriented problem solving in the Wisconsin State Senate.”



  1. robert says:

    good tell him to take walker with him

  2. Political Pundit says:

    2 words: BLUE WAVE!!!

  3. Political Pundit says:

    Ryan’s “Accomplishments”: 1.$Trillion Dollar Plus Deficit 2.”Tax Cuts” for the rich, peanuts for the working man, all adding to the Deficit 3.Considers Social Security and Medicare to be “Entitlements” that folks who paid for those benefits should receive less of. 4. Add health care to that list of “Entitlements”…He did everything he could to take away health insurance for “the working man and woman”. 5.Will receive health insurance and a generous pension FOR LIFE….courtesy of the working man and woman. Sweet deal. BLUE WAVE.

  4. Gary says:

    Nice to see that the left wing loons have jumped all over this.

  5. Kale Dolfin says:

    Better hope there’s not a blue wave. People are fleeing California where those freaks already have control.

  6. Political Pundit says:

    @Gary……..umm….look at the 5 points I have listed. Tell me which one of the 5 is not a FACT. Enlighten us “left wing loons”. Pretty sure the deficit is gonna be over $1 TRILLION. Pretty sure those “tax cuts” are gonna benefit those with LOTS of money, as opposed to the average working man/woman. Ryan stated NUMEROUS TIMES that Social Security and Medicare cuts were the ONLY way to “reduce the deficit”. He worked very hard to help gut “the ‘Affordable’ Care Act”. He WILL receive a PRETTY GENEROUS PENSION and PAID HEALTH INSURANCE for the REST OF HIS LIFE! If we “jumped all over this”……you consider us “loons”?

  7. Political Pundit says:

    @Kale Dolfin: Didn’t realize that Democrats were “freaks”. Gary thinks we’re “loons”. Please advise which of my 5 points regarding Paul Ryan you think are inaccurate. Please correct me if you can. Pretty sure my “facts” aren’t “fake news”.Your post pretty much sounds like you are worried about the “Blue Wave”.
    By the way, Scott Walker is the one who sounded the alarm on it. I can’t take credit for it!

  8. Political Pundit says:

    Let’s just be CLEAR about one thing…it was President Trump that called Paul Ryan
    “Lyin’ Ryan”. Don’t blame that on us “loons”, “freaks”….Hilary, Obama, Bill, etc.
    You folks are reaping what you sowed. Own it.

  9. Political Pundit says:

    To all the Trump supporters out there….are you OK with his FIRING Reince Priebus and how he treated one of Wisconsin’s own during his brief stint in the White House? Have you forgotten neither Ryan nor Scott Walker would even meet with Trump during a campaign visit to our state, shortly after the “Hollywood Access” story broke?

  10. Gary says:

    It appears that West of the I wouldn’t post my first comment due to the fact that it was quite cryptic about the prior administration. So I will tone it down a bit. First out no one said anything about the spending of 1 trillion dollars 6 months after the election, that wasn’t a tax cut. The other thing is that the affordable care act didn’t do anything except to raise the premium prices for everyone that actually buys insurance. The statement about what Ryan is doing with social security is just a result of every administration starting with LBJ taking money from the social security trust fund and replacing it with iou’s which will never be paid back. The real problem with what was done from 2008 through 2016 is that my grandchildren will be paying that Bill. The funny thing is that the media is saying things that they would never have said about the prior administration. What’s going on in Washington DC is just like it is in a Third World country. Have a nice day.

  11. Gary says:

    Oops my bad!!!

  12. Political Pundit says:

    @Gary….Paul Ryan has been in Congress since 1998. I’ll stand by all 5 of my points. I note you CONVENIENTLY didn’t address the PENSION and HEALTH INSURANCE Mr. Ryan will receive FOR LIFE! I never said he wasn’t “entitled” to it. But “your grandkids” will also be paying for that. Not sure where you are getting your information….deficit will be WELL over $1 Trillion. Let’s blame the media!

  13. Gary says:

    @pundit All of the House and Senate folks get the same deal regardless of which party they belong to. So under your rationale it’s okay for the Demorats to collect it but not Republicans. As far as the deficit goes the prior administration drove it up to the moon. Don’t hear you complaining about that. Why is that. That’s what my grandchildren will be paying for.

  14. In all fairness to Political Pundit, Scott Walker did sound the alarm of a pending “blue wave”…that’s what he called it. Rather than calling folks who might be “surfing that wave” “left wing loons” and “freaks”, he just said they were “angry and full of hate”. Now call it “Fake News” if you want…it was on his Twitter account.
    So make sure you carefully read ALL of the responses here, folks…see who really is “angry and hateful”!! CRAVE THE WAVE!

  15. Political Pundit says:

    @Gary: Read my postings again I NEVER STATED Ryan didn’t deserve a life long pension and health insurance. Yes, Democratic members of Congress get the same “sweet deal”. The difference: Paul Ryan wants to “tap into” the working man/woman’s pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and any other benefits that he considers “entitlement”. How do I know that. Because he has REPEATEDLY stated that!! Democrats don’t share his views. You conveniently try to shift the blame for the TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS DEFICIT to Lyndon Johnson and “the previous administration”(you know Obama). Classic “bait and switch”. I wasn’t complaining about the deficit(read my post!). I was pointing out that the “tax cuts”(are you enjoy yours?) added to the deficit(FACT) and that Ryan and the Republican Party have pretty much done NOTHING to reduce the deficit. Show me where I’m wrong there. All of our grandchildren will be paying for the actions of the Republican Party. VOTE!!!!

  16. Political Pundit says:

    @Gary….your blaming the “media” for the problems in Washington D.C. is priceless.
    You need to keep watching Fox News….not sure how long Sean Hannity will still be around. Oh, that’s right…..he left out a little “tidbit” when reporting on his buddies “Lawyer Cohn” and the President. You’ve mentioned “prior administration” and can’t seem to grasp that Obama, Hillary, et al are no longer there. You seem fixated on that. Time to get over it. Trump is “WINNING”.

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