19 Wheatland Center School students have work selected for 2018 Southern Lakes Anthology

Nineteen student authors and artists at Wheatland Center School recently had their writing or artwork chosen for publication in the 2018 Southern Lakes Anthology.

The title of this year’s anthology is “What’s Inside?” Student work is judged on creativity/originality, technical skill and presentation, clarity and message, and overall quality.

Wheatland fifth grader Lucas Ellingson received special recognition this year.  In addition to having his piece included in this year’s anthology, his piece was selected to be read aloud at the reception in Whitewater on May 23.

The following Wheatland students that had their work selected for publication:

  • Gennie Bruzas, third grade,  Illus. Writing,  The Book Mystery!
  • Tanner Honzelka, third grade, Poetry,  That Amazing Day.
  • Hailee Meracle, third grade, Illus. Writing Cupcakes.
  • Ada Carter, fourth grade., Illus. Writing,  The Mind of a Dog.
  • Grace Snyder, fourth grade, Art, Broken Heart.
  • Bryce Babros, fifth grade, Art, Humans and Robots Merge.
  • Sarina Bell, fifth grade, Art, City Brainstorm.
  • Lucas Ellingson, fifth grade, Poetry, Think Outside the Christmas Box.
  • Lizzy High, fifth grade, Art, The Nature of Life.
  • Brooke Mason, fifth grade, Poetry, The Lady and Her Purse.
  • Jessica Roynon, fifth grade, Illus. Writing, The Treasure Upstairs?
  • Nicholas Vozel, fifth grade, Prose It’s That Time of Year Again.
  • Elise Williamson,  fifth grade, Art, Expect the Unexpected.
  • Chloe Lois, sixth grade, Poetry, Sprouting My Emotions.
  • Kianna Weis, seventh grade, Cartoon, I’m fine.
  • Brynn Wierzbicki, seventh grade, Poetry, One Big Nightmare.
  • Izzy Brenton, eighth grade, Poetry, Trapped.
  • Grace Curran, eighth grade, Art, Behind the Mask.
  • Valerie Zuehls, eighth grade, Poetry, Gratitude.

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