Randall School administrator gives referendum presentation to Twin Lakes Village Board

Randall School District administrator John Gendron gave a presentation Monday to the Twin Lakes Village Board concerning the April 3 school referendum questions at the board’s regular monthly meeting.

The school district will have two questions on the ballot, a $5.5 million dollar capital referendum and a non-recurring operational referendum to exceed the revenue limit by $675,000 per year for three years.

District officials say the operational referendum is needed because of continued reductions in school funding and the facility upgrades are needed for students and the community.

Passage of both referendums will cost a taxpayer of a $200,000 home $88 per year or $7.33 per month, district official estimate.

Here is video of Gendron’s presentation from Monday, including him fielding a few questions from board members at the end:


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  1. mbradleyc says:

    Randall and Twin Lakes should merge like Salem and Silver Lake did. It could be called Randall Lakes. Or just Twin Lakes because there is almost nothing left of Randall anyway.

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