Weather threat spurring cancellation of school activities

Concerns about plunging temperatures and wet roads from melting and precipitation are causing many schools to cancel activities scheduled for Thursday.

If you were planning to attend one, you might check the status before venturing out.

The National Weather Service has not issued a winter weather advisory for Kenosha or Racine counties, but advisories are in effect fpr Lake County in Illinois and Walworth County in Wisconsin.



  1. Matt says:

    And here I thought we were in Wisconsin. Did everyone forget how to handle winter? What is really going on that things need to be cancelled because of a chance of minor weather? Are we suddenly in Georgia? I know what the real problem is. People are more and more becoming wimps..Ughh! Our future is bleak at best.

  2. It’s ice not snow. says:

    Not so much you or me driving to games at other schools but those bus drivers hauling 30 Plus athletes and coaches.

    One bus in the ditch rolled over and you’ve got a chance for injury or worse and an army of lawyers suing the school for your tax money.

    It’s just a reschedule. Get over it.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    Matt….have you been living in a cave your whole life? The 55 degree plus temps today were really nice……soon to be followed by FREEZING RAIN and PLUMMETING temps! So our schools are supposed to stay open tonight for sporting events and other activities, meaning high school age drivers might have to drive home at 10 pm in the ice/snow….school buses loaded with kids will be on the road, police, sheriff, fire, EMS departments will be “on alert”……experienced weather forecasters are advising “only go out if absolutely necessary…..and suddenly, we are all becoming “WIMPS”?? “Minor weather”? “Our future is bleak at best”? These are all your words, Matt..not mine. Are you SERIOUS???? Your penchant for making ludicrous comments on West of the I hit a new low with this one!!

  4. Matt says:

    LOL!! I have lived in Silver Lake for 40+ years. I seriously remember walking to school in a foot of snow, or, ice almost an inch thick…..yeah, we are becoming a wimpy nation!

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    OK Matt….so tell us how many times in the last 40+ years did you experience 55 degree weather in January, followed by FREEZING rain? Not including Jan. 2008 when the 60 plus degree weather was followed by a TORNADO! Your rationale to parents appears to be to let the teenagers drive in hazardous conditions tonight, so they don’t become wimps

  6. Gary says:

    Matt, until you’ve gotten behind the wheel of a 40 foot long school bus with 30 or 40 of our young people behind you on glare ice you have no reason to shoot your mouth off. I’ve been there and done that, believe me it’s far from fun. Just keep getting your exercise walking in that snow and ice. Leave the driving to the experts.

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